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John & Smith originated when the founder of the consultancy acted as an educational advisor to qualified students from India and the Middle East since 2009 on a voluntary basis. By 2011, demand for his advice from other parts of the world grew so much that he decided to turn his passion into a business and established an educational consultancy in London, UK. Having operated for most of its existence from offices in central London and the beautiful west countryside town of Yeovil, the consultancy is currently in the process of expansion.

David J Short

David J Short

Having travelled extensively internationally over the past thirty nine years, I’ve been privileged to observe and experience many fascinating projects, glean ideas worth sharing, witnessing unusual incidents and discovering creative initiatives.

Areas of interest are travel, creative initiatives, quality businesses, craft projects, development projects, educational projects, funding ideas, customer service, being generous, entrepreneurial initiatives and several others…..

After completing Grammar School education in the UK, I worked in a physics laboratory for two years as a junior laboratory assistant and also studied for his A-levels. This was excellent preparation for future training..

After training at King Alfred's College, now Winchester University, I taught in the south of the UK for 13 years in both primary and secondary schools with various posts of responsibility, including curriculum development. I then travelled to Papua New Guinea, in 1974, where I lived and taught for a decade with the International Education Agency which administered some 52 schools, as well as serving on the IEA head office team for the last year. These were extremely professionally enriching years.

In 1986, I joined an international ​educational projected based on a historic vessel training young adults in readiness for their chosen career paths. My areas of responsibility were in event management and public relations. Currently, I have the privilege of mentoring and encouraging around 70 of the alumni, from the ships, in theory chosen career paths.

I also have the privilege of serving on two or three Board of Trustees here in the UK. It is an honour to assist the development of JOHN & SMITH EDUCATION CONSULTANCY, which I consider to be an excellent educational initiative with much potential.