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JASEC believes that every international student should have access to reliable and expert advice on international education.

We are devoted to helping international students select the correct institution that suits them based on their previous studies, career path and personal goals.

Future educational consultation

After carefully reviewing student’s profile, we guide them to right University that would best suit their personal, academic and financial parameters, and not limited to the universities we represent.

Support to choose best career path

We help international students to select the correct University and courses that best suits them based on their previous studies, career path and personal goals.


JASEC has access to range of scholarships and thus helps students with strong academic backgrounds, good performance on standardized exams and extracurricular achievements for scholarship awards and financial assistance.

Visa Guidance

We help students through the entire visa process such as, filling up applications, guidance and training for mock interviews and much more.

Pre-departure seminars

Prior to landing in the new country, appropriate orientation is provided to help students migrate, travel and settle in abroad. We seek to provide pre-departure seminars and opportunity to meet other students who are heading abroad and possibly to the same University.

Educational Guardians

JASEC seeks to provide educational guardians service to provide long-term support and caring oversight for students attending overseas institutions to ensure that their experience of studying overseas is positive and rewarding.

On-Campus touring

We plan to conduct on-campus touring for potential students and families to obtain first-hand experience about universities and local communities, which helps them to choose the right environment for their studies.