Cyber Security

Infusing cybersecurity posture to enable tech transformation at scale

The most assured and creative work might come from a company that has taken all necessary precautions to safeguard its operations. However, the most astute companies do more than just manage cyber risk; they actually leverage it to gain a competitive advantage. While technology has expanded our horizons, it hasn't necessarily increased our sense of security. Your cyber security must foster resilience and trust in the face of ever-increasing numbers and sophistication of cyber attacks and as technology becomes indispensable to serving the needs of your customers, employees, suppliers, and society.

Despite ever-changing cyber threats, John & Smith can assist you in building a secure and reliable digital ecosystem.

This is due to our team's in-depth technical knowledge, extensive commercial experience, and inventive problem-solvers that care deeply about safeguarding and expanding your company. Let's work together to make the internet a safe place, so you can explore new frontiers and discover what's possible.

How we can help you

John & Smith offer comprehensive services, from strategic planning to operational support in the data centre. Our services include doing a thorough analysis of your current cyber defences and recommending improvements, as well as assisting you in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions, monitoring recurring risks, and successfully responding to cyber incidents. Therefore, John & Smith can assist you in arriving at your desired level of cyber security regardless of where you currently stand on the road to getting there.


The following are some of John & Smith's cyber security services

We aid businesses in safeguarding their essential infrastructure, databases, and middleware, as well as conducting penetration tests on their networks, platforms, and physical security.

Threat Assessment and Mitigation
To create effective security and risk management programmes at the enterprise level, we focus on the specific needs of businesses and the underlying policies and architectures that underpin them.
Application Security
Application security and privacy are primarily concerned with reducing client risk during Enterprise Application and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations/upgrades, as well as business transformation initiatives, by providing guidance on the design and implementation of internal controls.
John & Smith's application security experts provide practical advice based on years of experience and proprietary frameworks developed in-house. Following an assessment, we provide advice and best practices as part of our deliverables to help clients deal with any risks uncovered during that process.
John & Smith's application integrity experts have a unique combination of knowledge and experience in both business process controls and technical aspects of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software security architecture. John & Smith is routinely consulted for assurance and advisory services, and the firm is also the go-to security and controls authority for many new system rollouts and Finance Transformation initiatives.
Management of Identities and Permissions
Authenticating, authorising, and auditing access to a company's resources (such as data, applications, and systems) for workers, contractors, customers, and other stakeholders are all aspects of Identity and Access Management (IAM) services. Enterprises can improve their management of identity-related data by implementing solutions for identity and access management. These solutions can help with things like streamlining operations, facilitating compliance, and lowering risk.
Information Privacy & Protection
The loss of data has profound consequences in today's interconnected digital world. In its Information Protection services, John & Smith helps businesses implement measures to keep sensitive data safe. Data leakage protection software typically includes tools for creating data flow spreadsheets, categorising sensitive data, and specifying actions related to the data's usage.